Sunday, September 2, 2007


Sometimes I get sick of the idea that we're all on a hero's journey. You know that thought that we're alone on this trip through life and that we need to compete with the Joneses because if we don't we'll fall behind and then we won't be as cool as them and then we might ... I don't know what might happen ... maybe we'll DIE!!!

There are things that make me feel connected to the world, proud to be human and like we're making the world a better place. Things like stumbling across lovely people while we're camping. Like helping someone out when you see them in trouble. Things like doing stuff with our neighbours.

James and Eliza live in the old Yallourn house next door and they're lovely lovely people. We've had some neighbours from hell in the past and I guess we've been neighbours from hell, too, but sometimes we just fit. We just fit with James and Eliza. Drink the same mongrel teas, grow food, our dogs are great mates and we keep finding excuses to pull the fences down between our places.

We spent the weekend building a hothouse to share and it was like one of those Amish community endeavours though I guess we swore more and used power tools and the tractor where the Amish would have used manual labour and kept their curse words to the bare minimum. Dang. Golly. Gosh.

We were all happy with the finished product. We're yet to see how we go sharing the space. Should be another opportunity to be graceful and forthright, cheeky and helpful. A chance to be neighbourly. In the dirt.

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